The Pat & Ro Show Ep. 18.09 Jonathan Canonizado

Jonathan Canonizado was born with medical issues that were constantly misdiagnosed. As a child, his parents were told he may never make it to high school. Though Jonathan’s struggles have carried over into much of his adult life, one thing has helped him in more recent years: CrossFit. Listen in to this episode of the Pat & Ro Show to hear how CrossFit and healthy eating choices changed Jonathan’s life and literally helped to restore his hearing.

The Pat & Ro Show Ep. 18.03: Shannon LaNeve

On today’s episode of the Pat & Ro show, hear how the fifth-largest school district in the country incorporated CrossFit into its P.E. program. Clark County School District coordinator for health and physical education Shannon LeNeve joins Pat Sherwood and Rory McKernan to discuss the implementation of a CrossFit program in her district’s 365 schools, which serve more than 300,000 students.